Compensation Management

Align compensation practices with business goals to help make improved decisions on employee pay.

Salary insights to manage your people costs
We leverage aggregated and anonymized salary data from hundreds of thousands of employees serviced through the platform.
Current compensation data
Real-time compensation data from actual employee pay from small and medium-sized businesses –that are not self-reported or stale pay information.
Assess your compensation practices
Benchmark your organization’s compensation against peer companies or drill down on an employee-by-employee basis.
Competitive compensation strategy
Get insight on pay information of companies in your industry, location, and or size to help align your company so you can better attract and retain top talent.

A Comprehensive Compensation Management Solution

Our comprehensive management software is based on current data that helps you:

  • Attract top talent
  • Review salary metrics
  • Perform accurate benchmarking
  • Create compensation assessments
  • Make informed salary decisions

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