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Creative HR solutions for creative work environments

Creative HR solutions for creative work environments

At TriNet, we understand the challenges that come with a highly creative work environment, especially the need to constantly seek out new talent. That’s why we offer a single solution that combines our industry expertise with a powerful technology platform to streamline administrative tasks such as payroll and benefits—freeing you to focus on developing your agency’s culture to attract and retain the best creatives.

Spend more time where it counts

Spend more time where it counts

With our industry expertise, exceptional service and unified technology for managing payroll, benefits and administrative duties, you’ll spend less time on HR and more time helping clients and growing your business. Plus, our online self-service tools make it easy for your team to manage benefits, view pay information and update direct deposit.

Example of HR practices for mid-size advertising agency

Real-world example

A small agency was in the middle of a business pitch during open enrollment, creating a time conflict for their busy leadership team. By using TriNet’s self-service tools, they were able to update their benefit elections on their own time during open enrollment and even call us directly with questions about their benefits choices—freeing up the team to focus on winning their pitch.

Secure and retain top talent

Secure and retain top talent

Because we consolidate the strength of thousands of small and medium-size businesses, we offer access to premium-level benefits to help you hire and retain your most valuable employees. When you have an HR team to rely on and the right tools to find candidates and boost performance, it’s easy to build your dream team.


is the expected growth in demand for creative professionals while available supply will shrink by 33%, meaning there are more open roles than there are qualified candidates1

1McKinley Marketing Partners, 10 Key Insights from the 2018 Marketing Hiring Trends Report (April 2018).

of hiring managers are satisfied with the length of time it takes to complete the hiring process1

Foster a creative culture for your employees

Foster a creative culture for your employees

In creative environments, company culture can be a big differentiator in attracting top talent and inspiring the most creative work. That’s why we provide the HR expertise, best practices guidance and compensation benchmarks you need. With TriNet, you get back time to help develop an innovative and forward-thinking culture that fosters unbounded creativity.

TriNet client example with advertising agency

Real-world example

A mid-size advertising agency was celebrating their tenth year in business and decided to throw an anniversary party for their employees and clients. The party would be held in their office space and include a karaoke DJ and alcohol. With our extensive expertise, we were able to advise them on the best HR practices to help keep their employees and business safe.


of marketers would accept a lower salary from a company if the culture were a great fit for their personality and work style1

1McKinley Marketing Partners, 10 Key Insights from the 2018 Marketing Hiring Trends Report (April 2018).
Nearly 80%

of executives rate employee experience as very important or important, while only 22% rated their company as excellent at building a differentiated employee experience2

2Deloitte Insight, The Employee Experience: Culture, Engagement and Beyond (Feb 2017).
Mitigate risk within a creative environment

Mitigate risk—even within a creative environment

From strategic consulting for sensitive employee matters to compliance counseling and even employment practices risk mitigation, we provide comprehensive HR guidance and support every step of the way. This not only helps you stay on top of evolving employment issues and regulations, but also lets you focus on maintaining your unique creative culture.

Working together for you

A team of HR experts who look out for your business
Administrative help with managing payroll and benefits
HR best practices guidance on complex and sensitive issues
Workers’ compensation insurance
Risk mitigation services to help prevent employer liability, such as workplace lawsuits
Employee Support Center offering professional help with common HR questions
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