Transparent pricing for full-service HR

You know the benefits that full-service HR can bring. However, you should also know the exact cost of your services. TriNet charges a flat fee per-employee-per-month (PEPM) basis1, so your costs are predictable. And because we know you’ll be thrilled with our services, most of our contracts offer flexible terms without a long-term contract.

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Compare TriNet’s pricing vs. other PEOs

Pricing can be complex given the various associated costs with delivering full-service HR. Many vendors offer a bundled amount as a percent of your total payroll, but have you considered social security and unemployment taxes? Is it fair to pay more when you give someone a raise? TriNet is here to help.

Here are a few examples of how our pricing is transparent.

If your employee:

TriNet’s Pricing Model
Hybrid Pricing Model
(flat insurance fee +
% of payroll for
admin and taxes)

Bundled Fee Model
(based on % of payroll)
Maxes out his or her Social Security deductionCharges go downStays the samePrice stays the same
Gets a raise
fees stay the same
fees go up
fees go up
Reaches the max for unemployment taxes
Charges go down
Stays the same
Stays the same
Elects pre-tax medical deduction
Charges go down on tax related charges
Stays the same
Stays the same

TriNet’s pricing plans are for new clients only and can vary by region, industry, company size and scope of services.

1 Payroll taxes are subject to periodic adjustments by relevant government authorities and this is an estimate based on annual employee wages and wages capped as applicable according to federal and state taxing authority guidelines. PEPM charges applicable as a portion of the rate on each pay cycle run charged per check fee.


The TriNet advantage

We give you the details—down to the line item—for each element. You see exactly what you pay for each service, tax and benefits component. And, payroll tax costs go down once thresholds like social security and unemployment tax maximums are reached. With TriNet, you get full visibility into your pricing structure and your services.

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