How can I complete I-9 verification for my new hire who is working remotely?

September 4, 2015
How can I complete I-9 verification for my new hire who is working remotely?

In order to verify the identity and employment eligibility of individuals working in the United States, 1-9 Form is used. Employers are required to inspect and verify, in person, the authenticity of a new employee's eligibility documents (passport, driver's license, etc.) within the first 3 days of an employee's first day of work. In most U.S. states, remote employees who can't travel to the employer have two options for verification:

  • Employers may designate an authorized representative to can inspect the documents for remote employee
  • Employees may use a notary public if the employer hasn't already designated an authorized representative.

I-9 verification in California

If a remote hire is living in California, a notary public isn't qualified to inspect and verify I-9 eligibility documents unless they're also certified and bonded as an immigration consultant. Be sure to check your state's laws to ensure full compliance.

Final tips

If hiring remotely, be sure to arrange for an authorized representative or notary public to verify your new hire's I-9 status.


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