HR Support Services Can Go Far Beyond the Basics

May 16, 2024
HR Support Services

Your business has complex needs. Fortunately, a wide range of services is available to assist you, including human resources (HR) support. Like any operational decision, properly understanding and using HR support services contributes significantly to an organization's ability to scale.

Human resources entails more than handling payroll processing and navigating employee concerns. It also includes fostering an organizational culture, focusing on effective workforce management and promoting employee engagement.

Understanding HR Support Services

HR outsourcing services vary widely. Each option offers a different level of support and integration with a company's internal operations. Transitioning from an ASO to an HRO to a PEO can increase the depth and integration of HR services.

ASOs mainly handle administrative tasks such as payroll processing. HROs offer broader HR management, including recruitment and learning and development tools without the co-employment arrangement. A PEO generally provides the most comprehensive service and the client and the PEO are in a co-employment relationship. PEOs offers benefits administration, payroll processing, expertise and risk mitigation. A PEO also offers HR support services tailored to the client's industry, providing a more strategic human resources relationship.

Understanding available support services can help broaden organizational development strategies and enhance business operations. Let's look at various HR support services available and see how they fit into modern business management.

What HR Support Services Are Available to Businesses?

HR support services can be broadly categorized to address various business needs. The categories below help organizations choose the type of support services to fit specific requirements and challenges.

Assigned support

Example: “I need to run an off-cycle payroll with special tax instructions.”

Assigned support refers to dedicated HR professionals provided by outsourcing firms. These individuals helps handle daily HR tasks for a business. Tasks might include employee onboarding and payroll processing. Assigned support helps to ensure consistency and reliability in handling routine administrative duties, freeing internal HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Center support

Example: “I don’t know how to log into the system to enroll for benefits.”

Center support services operate through a centralized system where support team or online help desks provide HR support. This support can efficiently handle employee queries regarding payroll processing, benefits administration, or HR policies. It's particularly beneficial for organizations with many employees or those spread across multiple locations.

Relationship management

Example: "Given our recent growth, what resources would you recommend to us?”

This service focuses on the interaction between HR service providers and a company. It aims to build and maintain healthy relationships that promote trust and collaboration. Effective relationship management helps to ensure that the outsourced HR services align closely with the company's needs and cultural values. The result? A better service delivery and greater satisfaction.

Employee support

Example: "Can you help me obtain an employment verification?”

Supporting employees with their HR needs is crucial for maintaining job satisfaction and good employee relations. Activities include providing resources for career development, conflict resolution, performance feedback and more. Supportive HR services helps to ensure employees feel valued and understood, which can boost morale and productivity.

Consulting support

Example: "What insights can you offer to strengthen our company culture?"

HR consulting services offer expertise in specific areas like organizational development, change management and HR compliance. Consulting can be project-based or ongoing. This support enhances a company's HR practices based on best practices and innovative strategies.

Performance management consulting

Example: "Which KPIs are best for managing employee motivation?"

This specialized service helps businesses to assess and develop  a comprehensive performance process that is aligned with business goals. Performance management consulting consists of setting up performance appraisal systems, align business, drive the process, provide feedback on techniques and helps to create metrics to measure employee performance.

Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement is a critical factor in an organization's sustainability. Understanding and measuring employee sentiment through engagement surveys can offer great insight into maintaining a motivated workforce. HR support services include developing and administering regular employee engagement surveys to assess employee satisfaction and pinpoint improvement areas.

With services like TriNet, businesses can use customizable, confidential and anonymous surveys tailored to address specific organizational needs. The information these surveys collect allows companies to help implement changes that foster a more productive and supportive work environment. This proactive approach helps boost morale and strengthen employee commitment to the organization’s success.

Training and development services

Training and development services include creating and implementing programs that help employees improve skills and knowledge. It may also involve leadership development programs and succession planning to prepare employees for higher roles. These services help to support employees continued growth professionally within the company, which can improve job satisfaction and reduce staffing turnover.

Risk mitigation

HR support services can help businesses gain confidence and provides best practices so businesses can comply with local, state and federal employment-related rules and requirements. This can also include workplace safety regulations too..

Risk mitigation in HR focuses mitigating potential risks related to human resources. Potential areas of risk are those associated with employee relations and workplace safety. These services help the organization make informed HR decisions more efficiently.

Service with a Smile: Meeting Your HR Support Services Needs

HR support services are an essential component of modern business operations. They provide a framework that helps companies manage their human resources more effectively while fostering an environment that supports and engages employees. By understanding and utilizing these services, HR professionals can help their organizations meet current HR requirements and operational challenges and pave the way for future growth and success. As the workforce continues to evolve, so should the strategies we use to manage and support our most valuable asset: our people.

TriNet understands how fast paced HR is, and how challenging it is to keep up while your business expands. Sometimes you need highly-specialized information specific to your industry and workplace. That's where HR support services can help serve you well.

TriNet provides a wide range of options, so you can access the support you may need when you may need it. Learn more about how we can help your business with HR support services so it can grow and thrive.

This communication is for informational purposes only, is not legal, tax or accounting advice, and is not an offer to sell, buy or procure insurance.

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