New Employee Announcement: When and How to Make This Important Introduction

March 9, 2022・4 mins read
New Employee Announcement: When and How to Make This Important Introduction

How do you announce your new employees to their department or team members? The way you introduce them to your existing teams matters, as it can influence how they will be welcomed by their coworkers. For many companies, the first step to introducing new hires is with a new employee introduction email. Here we’ll cover how and when to make the introduction and what to include in that new employee announcement.

New employee announcement etiquette

According to Gallup, some 44% of employees feel a lot of stress on a daily basis. And while your hiring intentions may have been to alleviate stress by adding a new team member, not introducing them correctly could actually reintroduce it. To help your new employees feel included, engaged, and less stressed from the start, follow these employee announcement etiquette guidelines.

  • Send a company- or department-wide employee introduction email no later than the morning of the new recruit's first day. Ideally, new employee announcements should be sent a few days prior.
  • Make sure the team knows where and with whom the new employee will be working, their role, and their contact details.
  • It's also nice to include a few personal details, such as hobbies, pets, favorite foods or activities, etc., company culture permitting.

Why you should immediately announce new hires to the team

Announcing a new hire is a vital step of the onboarding process and should be one of your first steps on or by their first day. Among other reasons, here's why:

  • An early announcement can prevent awkward situations between the new hire and other team members. For instance, the unexpected joining of a newcomer at a meeting can be unsettling for both your new hire and the existing team.
  • The new employee introduction announcement helps prepare current employees for a potential new boss or senior team member.
  • An advance employee introduction helps the newest team member feel welcomed and like they are already part of the team. Imagine how that new colleague would feel realizing nobody on their team had a clue they were starting that day.

Ideas for your employee announcement email template

An employee announcement email is a most efficient way to begin getting people well acquainted. Your employee announcement should include the following, plus whatever else best suits your company culture, policies, and tone:

  • The new hire’s name. If applicable, include the pronunciation and/or a preferred name.
  • Photo and short bio. Include a brief description or summary of professional experience, education, important projects, professional and academic achievements, etc.
  • Job title and role within the company.
  • The group or department they’ll be joining.
  • Key responsibilities.

Some companies like to add more personal touches about the employee, such as:

  • Hobbies and interests.
  • Favorite books, movies, artists, sports teams, etc.
  • Family and/or pets.
  • A special talent, notable personal accomplishment, or other interesting attribute.

Including such personal information can help your new hires connect with other staff members, encourage discussion, and foster connections. Existing employees will also know what non-work-related messaging channels to add them to. That way they can begin building relationships both within and outside the office.

New employee announcement email template

The best and easiest way to start the process of creating your company’s personalized new hire announcement is with an existing template. Once you have a basic format, customize it according to your needs and company culture. Start here:

Subject line: Please welcome our new recruit

Good morning/day/evening, everyone! Please join me in welcoming [name] to the team. [Name] will start on [date] as a [job title] on the [team name] team, reporting to [manager name].

We’re excited to see [name] apply their experience to help drive growth at our business. You can reach [name] at [email]. (If your employee will be working onsite, you can include desk location).Make sure to say hello and welcome our newest team member!


Name, Title

The research is clear that a robust employee onboarding plan is beneficial for your new employee, existing employees, and company.

Announcing a new member via email sends the message that you’re excited to welcome them and want all the other employees to know more about them before they arrive. It also gives everyone else time to warm up to the idea of a new coworker and prepare a warm welcome. For ongoing tips, tools, and other resources for HR and business management, visit

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