How to Hire the Right Military Veteran for Your Business

November 9, 2016・3 mins read
How to Hire the Right Military Veteran for Your Business

As Veterans Day approaches, I am honored to share information with employers on how to successfully hire veterans. I admit that I am a bit biased on this topic, being retired from the U.S. Navy where I served for over 20 years.  My time in the service showed me the high quality of training and experience that our active duty and reserve military veterans receive.  My last tour of duty was coordinating all Naval Reserve training channeled through the Fleet Training Center in San Diego.  On a daily basis, I saw the quality of the training that enlisted men and women received from experienced active-duty instructors

We have already told you why hiring military veterans is good for business. Here I am giving you a quick guide to the various options you have for selecting the right veteran for your business.  

Junior military officers
Among other distinctions and qualifications, Junior military officers (JMOs) have earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering, management or humanities, and many have advanced degrees. Most have served in the military between four and 10 years and possess leadership experience unmatched by their civilian peers. U.S. News & World Report even named them “America’s best leaders.”  This is due to their ability to lead effectively and deal with stress, even under the pressure of war. JMOs may be well-suited for demanding positions that require working under pressure, concentration and technical ability, such as engineering, operations, management and sales.

Noncommissioned officers
Noncommissioned officers (NCOs) are senior enlisted personnel in a direct leadership role. These officers have anywhere from seven to over 20 years of military experience. NCOs are the primary military leaders responsible for executing missions and training military personnel. They have extensive training in leadership and management, as well as combat, service-specific and specialized technical training. Many have college degrees. NCOs may be well-suited for service-related, technical and critical roles, such as maintenance, field service management and supervisory positions.

Enlisted technicians
Enlisted technicians possess strong technical qualifications and training as electrical, electronics and mechanical technicians. They have served in the military for at least three years. They have world-class technical training, hands-on experience and the ability to excel in most situations, no matter how difficult. They may be well-suited for positions in electronics, maintenance, field service, operations and technical supervision.

Combat arms personnel
These enlisted service members possess operations leadership experience, discipline and outstanding work ethic. They are ideal for positions in operations, sales and entry-level leadership.

Additionally, all of the above-mentioned individuals have made sacrifices during their military careers and their characters and work ethic usually reflect this. Many are equipped with interpersonal skills that are very beneficial for employers but can be hard to find in prospective employees. These include an ability to produce under pressure, attention to detail, respect for leadership and exemplary teamwork ability.

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