HR Fast Facts: What Is Job Mapping?

December 20, 2022
HR Fast Facts: What Is Job Mapping?
Job mapping is a way that employers can classify positions based on job profiles under occupational group and sub groups. A job map defines broader expectations around individual job descriptions, rather than covering all expectations. Job mapping is a way for companies to compile information and have general data around possible jobs in their organization. For example, here's how job mapping could look for a company that uses TriNet. Let's say this company has an employee with the job title of Chef. A user could search for that title and pick from the standardized job titles of Chef and Head Cook, or Cook. Once the user selects a standardized title, they'll see details about the job family, sub family, and any alternative job titles. Within the TriNet platform, the user would also be able to view salary data for this job title, depending on the location they choose. They would also be able to view the desired experience level.

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