HR Fast Facts: Why Do Employees Need to Provide Proof of a Qualifying Live Event?

December 8, 2022
HR Fast Facts: Why Do Employees Need to Provide Proof of a Qualifying Live Event?
When enrolling in health insurance coverage due to a qualifying life event (QLE), documentation is needed to prove the date of the QLE. Proof documents are official documents directly related to the event.
For example:
  • Certificate of Creditable Coverage (COCC)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Notice of birth from the hospital
  • Domestic partner affidavit
The image must be clear and legible. Key dates must be included in the uploaded document.
For example:
  • Date of loss of coverage
  • Marriage date
  • Date of birth
If you have questions on what is considered acceptable documentation, contact your broker.

Example of an acceptable document

The Certificate of Creditable Coverage (COCC) below is a good example of a loss of coverage document because it has the official insurance carrier logo at the top of the page and includes the name of the member to whom it applies as well as the coverage effective date and cancellation date. image  

Example of an unacceptable document

The document below is a medical insurance card and would not be accepted as it does not include the coverage effective date or cancellation date. image

Inadmissible example document #2

The image below is a bad example of a loss of coverage document as none of the information is legible. image

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