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HR Trends in 2019 and Beyond

February 7, 2019 · 2 min read

Best practices from our HR experts

Businesses that compete for top talent know that today’s workers want more flexibility from their employer. According to a 2018 TriNet survey on non-traditional benefits, 91% of respondents at small and medium size businesses (SMBs) view non-traditional benefits, including flexible work hours and remote work options, as an important aspect of their job satisfaction. 

Work-life balance, flexibility to work remote and on the go, an attractive company culture and enterprise-level employee benefits are popular trends among the modern workforce. Employers who respond to employees’ demands for more of the things that matter to them often find that they are successful in retaining their top employees and better able to deliver quality, competitive products and services. 

Comprising 99.9% of all U.S. firms and 48% of all paid private sector employees, SMBs are the backbone of the nation’s economy. These businesses can benefit from taking advantage of crucial HR data that will allow them to work toward smarter, more efficient outcomes. 

A recent poll by Deloitte found that 69% of organizations say they are building integrated systems to analyze worker-related data, businesses that want to stay competitive have two options: take steps to meet the demands of their workforce or get swept away in the sea-change of HR transformation. 

It is becoming increasingly vital to long-term business success that companies invest in the technology that allows them to gather data from their workforce and then use that data to forecast trends and adjust business strategy. As large enterprises are quickly adapting, SMBs will need to compete. This is why we are committed working with our clients to deliver the technology that will help them leapfrog into the future.


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Best practices from our HR experts