Inside the Herd – LA Rams

October 22, 2019

Episode 2

An inclusive culture and authentic relationships are at the core of everything LA Rams does. Take an inside look at what brings this winning team together.

“No job is too big nor is any job too small because we all are trying to head to the same goal”, Artis Twyman, Senior Director of Communications LA Rams.

Artis Twyman:
We are what I always call the middlemen between the organization and the media.
Travis Langer:
All right, everyone, if we can get ready. Coach Wade will be in about three minutes here.
While we try to help our coaches, players staff formulate their messages and try to get our message across the media at the same time, trying to help our media get the stories that they want to cover as they highlight our team. Coach Wade:
…emphasized that they went through the running game and they've been successful with it since they started running the ball.
My first year with the Rams, I was assistant director of Communications and that was in 2003. So this is my 17th season. I usually work with the head coach as far as all of his immediate responsibilities go.
Sean McVay:
Our communications department does an outstanding job led by artists creating a good dynamic between the media and understanding how vital that is just for good sound interactions. You look at them being awarded the best media team in the league last year, and I think that really personifies what's special about Artis, his group and the way that they consistently do a phenomenal job for us.
No job is too big, nor isn't any job too small because we all are trying to head toward the same goals. We'll do anything we can to be successful, but it's the same thing across our department.
The culture here is special and I think it starts with the we, not me. And when you work here, you really feel like you're part of the team.
Tiffany White:
It's such a fun place to work here and this isn't a job where a lot of women are in it. And I don't really speak to gender very much, but I recognize the kind of job that I have. Our players have never made me feel like an outsider or would exclude me cause of my gender. So the fact that they're very welcoming, it makes it easier to have authentic relationships with people.
Building relationships I think is the best part of this job. I think that's why we're in this job and that's what’s so cool about working in the Communications department is you get to build relationships with literally everyone in the organization.
Les Snead:
Artis, his group, Communications team, they come in every day and they treat everyone that they touch with ultimate respect. And I don't think that happens everywhere. We have a story to tell and the fans want to hear our story. I think that's what Artis and his team is all about.
That's the whole goal, to help them get their message across, feel comfortable in the things that they're saying and help them get their thoughts as they want to portray them. But sometimes when you take a tough loss and you have cameras of reporters in your face, it's not the most comfortable position. So we always try to help our players understand that and help them get to it. John Johnson III:
It's vital. They're always there, standing there making sure everything goes smoothly and you don't really get frustrated and you can get the job done and tell the media how you really feel without making yourself look like a jerk.
Artis Twyman, senior director of communications.
Travis Langer, communications coordinator.
Tiffany White, lead communications specialist with the Los Angeles Rams.
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