Inside the Herd – LA Rams

October 29, 2019

Episode 3

See how the LA Rams create beyond-the-end-zone impact for the Los Angeles-community.

"Authentic meaningful engagement is so important to us and in the end, it delivers a much better result for the community. It’s not just a staff of people, it’s more of a family", Molly Higgins, Vice President of Community Affairs and Engagement.

Molly Higgins:
I view my role as really being the bridge between the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles community. I think what drew me to this role is I've always had a passion for bettering the community and working towards equality, and I think this particular role allows me to do that every single day.
Sean McVay:
I think Molly does a great job of identifying the players, helping them find something that they feel like genuinely is something that they're interested in, and they get excited about that. And I think that's a real credit to Molly Higgins.
One of the most rewarding things in my job is to be able to help our players have that aha moment where they realize the impact that they can have on their community. Just helping take an idea that someone like Andrew has and help him develop it fully, that's a great responsibility.
Andrew Whitworth:
What they do such a great job of is let's find things that, hey, here's something we can make a significant difference. Let's pour into it to make differences in little spots, one by one. And as those grow, that growth, that change will affect more and more and it'll spread throughout the community.
I always tell my staff that we're only limited by our own creativity. Each one of us wants to be a change agent.
Jonathan Franklin:
So our role as a department is really being a resource every day to inspire these Angelenos philanthropically, youth in high school and even providing opportunities for our players to be role models.
Erica Sherman:
Sometimes you've got guys where they're like, “Oh, they don't know who I am. They're not worried about me.” And I'm like, “All right, come to the school visit with me” and the kids go crazy. They're so excited. Moments like that help them understand the impact that they have. When there's that personal tie, it's really limitless with the impact that they have and the things that they can do. Jonathan:
That's why we're here in Los Angeles. It's us, it's LA together. And when we all look back on our lives, we want to be happy that we became the best version of ourselves. And I believe the experiences that we provide allows every individual that attends to be their best selves.
You know what? Football's fun, but at the end of the day, it ain't life. I really look at my time in the league. There's been a lot of great experiences, but community involvement has been one of the things that's changed me and molded me more than anything that I ever learned on a football field.
To us that authentic, meaningful engagement is so important. And in the end, it delivers a much better result for the community. It's not just a staff of people, it's more of a family.
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