Inside the Herd – LA Rams

November 4, 2019

Episode 4

Take a closer look at the team that works round the clock to make the winning team shine on the field.

"It is important in any great organization that you continue to spotlight and remember what really makes us special. That’s all the little things we do all the time regardless if anyone is watching", Andrew Whitworth, LA Rams.

Brendan Burger:
I think the easiest way to describe, it's like a roadie for a band, right? We're kind of the first people in the last people to leave and everything in between. We'll go in and set everything up. We'll be the ones breaking it down at the end and kind of the show goes on in between all that on a daily basis. Something new comes up and you know, got to kind of roll with the punches and figure it out. And that's the part I love about the job. It's different. I enjoy that.
Andrew Whitworth:
I think equipment's one of those great things where people really, you don't think about their role as much as you might only notice when their role is not done correctly. I think of them, I relate 'em to an O lineman. So a lot of the same sense. There's not a lot of glory in the job. It's a lot of the behind the scenes and the things you don't see that make them who they are. These guys are working their tails off to make it happen for you. And I think that's something that's important in any great organization that you continue to spotlight and remember what really makes us special. And that's all the little things that we do all the time. Regardless if anybody's watching.
It's not for someone that doesn't want to put the hours in, you know. Got to love it during the season week, every day. Every day we're here. Game days and such. You're looking 16, 18 hours a lot of times not including travel days and all that.
Gerald Everett:
I think it starts with them being behind the scenes. They're always there even when they're not there. I mean, you just one call away, whatever you need. Game day on practice, even on off days. Y'all come up here and I see them back there working. You never have to go without here.
Most rewarding aspect, I mean to me is always when the ball kicks off on Sunday and the small piece you played into all of it. Whether it was something you did special for a player that week or that day and what that practice maybe that made a difference. Just being part of the team, you really are part of the team. Think everyone in this building will tell you that. Brenda Burger, I'm the equipment director for Los Angeles Rams.
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