Inside the Herd – LA Rams

November 19, 2019

Episode 5

Take a closer look at the team that knows how to build true camaraderie and strong relationships that translate into their success on and off the field.

Reggie Scott:
My role with the Rams obviously is oversee all of the medical healthcare of the team and a lot of the performance aspects of the team and how we can keep these guys healthy as possible, provide good quality healthcare for 'em. And I obviously come up with some good performance strategy, continue to maximize their readiness on game day. I love caring for people. I always feel like I had a heart for caregiving. I love being in a team atmosphere. Coach talks about we, not me, and it just is something that resonates with me a lot in terms of being something, being something part of bigger than yourself.
Andrew Whitworth:
Reggie and his staff do a tremendous job of being those guys that are we, not me. We're here to serve you. We're here to find a way to help you be better. It's not about us pointing out things. It's about you coming to us and telling us what we can do for you and we'll jump right on it.
In our training, we have our philosophy of mind, body and spirit, and I truly do believe that you have to rehab all three. And believe it or not, the body's probably the easiest part to rehab. Cooper Kupp I think is a great example of that is his mental strategies and what he did from a mind standpoint and he continued to gain confidence and stuff was elite and really challenging him in those areas and stuff like that really allowed him when he got back on the field and not miss a beat.
Cooper Kupp:
I can't tell you how much respect I have for them and just the environment they create in the training room. They call it the barbershop cause they want to have fun. They want to be someplace that you enjoy going.
Mark Dydasco:
The barbershop, Reggie always talks about you come in with an injury, our job is for you to walk out feeling better, feeling fresh. Same thing coming to a barbershop. You get a haircut, it's a good feeling. You want to come out feeling better, but also you build that camaraderie just with the people in the barbershop, whether that's the barbers, the people getting haircuts or just the people that are just in there talking.
Gerald Everett:
They just kind of give you a sense of a home feeling. It's been the NFL, it's kind of home away from home, but it gives you more of a sense of being at home. I've never experienced a group, so connected to the team.
Relationships is what probably drives me the most. It's amazing to be able to have relationships with so many various people and so many various walks of life. From the coaches to the players, to my staff members. I come in every day and just be able to cherish these relationships that I've met with people over the years in this business—the reward piece for me. Reggie Scott. I'm the senior director of Sports Medicine and Performance for the LA Rams.
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