Inside the Herd – LA Rams

December 2, 2019

Episode 6

It's what’s inside that counts. The Los Angeles Rams know that taking care of the health and well-being of their people is key to producing a winning team. Meet their head dietitian and learn about how his work fuels the players on the inside so they perform their best on the outside.

Joey Blake:
So my role here with the Rams, so I'm responsible for all things, food, hydration, nutrition. I write all of our team menus, counsel all of our athletes on nutrition and hydration. I try to make sure that the guys feel their best every single day to make sure that our guys have the ability every week to perform their best.
Gerald Everett:
Joey has just done a phenomenal job with keeping us up to beat. I mean, whether you want to talk about energy levels or attitude, body language, demeanor, all those things go into the nutrition side. Just how a person feels on the field or in the meeting room. Just want to be attentive and put your best foot forward and we think nutrition has a lot to do with that.
As far as daily fueling and recovery, we like to preach food first. I like to think they have performance in mind when they come eat, but at the same time, I think it's a little relaxed period for them in between football and meetings and things like that. But I like to think it's a pretty comfortable environment to kind of be in here. The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing guys that do make changes and see the output. To know that you had a small part, possibly helping them make that change is super rewarding. And just knowing what nutrition can do for you and to be able to educate and help other people with that is awesome.
Andrew Whitworth:
You can take a Ferrari or a Lamborghini that is amazing without any fuel in it, it's useless. It's never going to move and without the right fuel in it, it won't last very long. So to me, what joining those guys do, helping you find the best weight, the best version of you nutritionally, is something that's very pivotal to you being a successful athlete over time.
I think the biggest thing that drew me to this position is nutrition in general and that's helping people. When you make some changes nutritionally and you realize how great you feel, you know, realize the power that's within that and you realize, well put what you put in your body makes such a difference for you personally. And then being able to help other people feel that same feeling is really powerful. I'm Joey Blake and I'm the head team dietician of the Los Angeles Rams.
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