Inside the Herd – LA Rams

December 17, 2019

Episode 7

When nerds and jocks come together, the result is a winning strategy that helps the Los Angeles Rams play like champions on gameday. Learn why people with diverse talents and skill sets matter to the Rams as we go Inside the Herd in this episode.

Ryan Garlisch:
Yeah, we're the nerds. Everyone knows us as the nerds. We have our nerd nest. We've got our front end, which would be me displaying the information for everyone to take in. We've got Jake, who really maintains and takes in all the data we've got, and we've got Sarah who then takes that data and goes even deeper to get a lot of cool insights. Yeah. We're the nerds.
Jake Temme:
Anything that you could think of we're probably collecting it in some way, shape or form. And then starting to try to use that and help facilitate all of the information that's football related, whether that's from scouting, coaching, medical, I help organize, transform, analyze, create the center of data movement on the football side.
Les Snead:
Whether it's when you're drafting a player, whether it's when you're signing a free agent, whether it's how you get a player ready. Ultimately we get tons of data, how you increase the probability of success. So many avenues where those guys can basically take their knowledge and mix it up and put it in layman's terms for us.
Not having a football background, I really needed to work hard at understanding how to communicate better with our coaches and how to deliver information so that it's not overwhelming or noise, but that it's actionable and useful. It's funny, the thinking back on just experiences with Les. Even one of the first things I gave him was this Excel document and I handed it to him and he is like, well, where are the colors? I don't know what this means. There's just a bunch of numbers on there.
Sarah Bailey:
You don't want to talk math. It can be overpowering. So summarizing your work and just being an efficient communicator, but also knowing that you can provide tools that other people can't. Here we're very good with skeptics. They're, they're open to hearing your opinion, so it's always fun when you get that win and it's like, oh, that's really cool.
They could be working at Apple, Microsoft. They could be working at NASA. Ultimately, they have a passion for Rams football, for being a part of a team. They could be doing a lot of other things, but that passion allowed them to bring their skillset to us.
So that's exactly what I love about what I do here. Seeing how I can help so many people in our organization do just a little bit better, be a little more efficient, make a little bit better decision. Knowing that I played that small role in all those important decisions is really cool.
I've seen a fundamental change in the way that analytics are being received from our personnel staff and it's because of the relationships you've built. It's been super rewarding to see those come to fruition. That's been a really interesting and fun dynamic of this job and just, we work with really incredible people at every level.
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