Inside the Herd – LA Rams

January 14, 2020・1 min read

Episode 8

Building a winning team happens from the ground up. Meet the hard-working facilities and grounds crew who level the playing field (literally) to help the L.A. Rams perform their best during practice. It’s happening Inside the Herd in this latest video inspired by TriNet.

Chris Hawes:
My job is essentially to make sure that our team has the safest practice playing field in the league. Like if it's a practice day, it's more just making sure the field's ready for that particular day. Then after practice, it's usually filling divots, repairing it, mowing it for the next day. On the off days, like today, I do a lot of my fertilizing, mowing, prep for the week. And then Tuesdays where no players are here, we paint it for the week.
Andrew Whitworth:
Well, I think if you really look at what the grounds crew does to give us the opportunity to go out and prepare, man, what one of the things you want most importantly as athletes, is to feel safe and secure on the turf that you're on, the field you're on. And to be out here in California and be on the grass every day, that field's really got to last an extremely long time throughout football season. And so for us to practice on 'em and to keep them in a shape and in a way that we can day in and day out, trust that it's going to be the kind of surface we need to prepare on. I think it's extremely important.
Jaime More:
I'm responsible for the building system, mechanical, electrical, HVAC and waste management. My favorite part is people here are friendly. They help you. They support you as a team. That's what I like, being a team.
I've been places where it's a little more difficult. It's something a lot of coaches don't want to deal with. They just want someone to do it. But here, I think there's a better understanding that it's a major part of the sport and it's a major part of keeping athletes safe, is having a safe playing field.
Sean McVay:
With our facilities and our grounds crews, that's something that behind the scenes, you really appreciate having such well-manicured fields. Those are the things that are necessary. When you really look at it, it's about it is your film right? But then are the fields in a position that you feel like you're able to get good work? They stay in great shape as you continue to accumulate some reps on 'em throughout the season, and our guys have done an outstanding job with that. We got some of the best in the world and we feel very fortunate with the job that they do.
I mean, the coaching staffs here is by far the best I've ever dealt with anywhere I've been. They're very personable, also very complimentary where they don't shy away from telling me how great everything is.
My name is Jaime More, facility managers of Los Angeles Rams.
I'm Chris Hawes. I'm head groundskeeper for Los Angeles Rams.
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