Inside the Herd – LA Rams

January 27, 2020

Episode 9

It takes more than on field performance that helps this team win. Go behind the scenes with LA Rams in this episode and meet the people who make dreams come true for future Los Angeles Rams players.

Roger Goodell:
Good evening, Nashville. Welcome to Music City, home of the 2019 NFL draft.
JW Jordan:
Really, it starts the day after the draft for the next year's draft.
Orlando Pace:
2019 NFL draft, the Los Angeles Rams select Taylor Rapp DB Washington.
Season goes on, season ends, and then we really dive deep into the draft stuff .
James Gladstone:
At the end of each season, when it comes to the evaluation process, you're ultimately building profiles on each individual player. That profile is going to obviously range from the on-field performance to then the character analysis and gathering of Intel.
Starting in May, I mean, we look at everything, not only the talent of the football player. I mean, that's the starting point. That's what gets him on our radar. But really digging into the mental ability, his intelligence, his character and his background, his football knowledge and ability to learn. Because obviously the more information you have, the better decision you're going to make or the better decision Sean will make.
Les Snead:
This guy in the department, I work together with probably every single day. They're the first people to figure out our future. They're the ones on the front end, collecting the data, providing analysis, said, you know what? Maybe the decision makers in the building ought to evaluate these guys. We think they can help the Rams.
There's a greater good that what you are doing is having an impact. It certainly holds firm and makes you feel like you're actually giving to something more than yourself.
Ray Agnew:
I love getting to know these kids, man, getting to know their background, getting to know what's going on in their lives and you know just become a big brother to some of them. And now, so it means a lot to build relationships for someone to trust you enough to talk to you. That means something. I believe it's a people business. You got good people.
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