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People Matter | Aloha

July 8, 2019
People Matter - Aloha

TriNet’s People Matter campaign shines a light on the intrepid, hardworking people at small and medium size businesses across the country.

Aloha is a company filled with real people making real food. Each individual team member brings their own experiences and dreams to their role at Aloha, but they all have one thing in common: A passion for health that drives the company’s mission. Listen in as Aloha’s CEO, Brad Charron, reads a letter from his team expressing their love for the work they do and hear what fuels Aloha in their quest to compete against the giants of the health food industry.

Dear Brad,
When I was younger, I didn't even know what a healthy diet was. Now we're working together to change food culture and create the best plant-based food on the market. We're a small company, but we've got a huge mission. We each wear a lot of hats, but we're passionate and relentless. I've never been more excited to come to work. It's always all-hands-on-deck here because we all have a stake in our success. I couldn't imagine working with people who don't share my passion for health. It's this passion that fuels us to always push harder and go farther than we thought we could.
The Aloha Team

That's it, man. Team feedback is critical. And in a small company, the team has to believe in the mission. Otherwise, it's just impossible. You're competing against huge, multi-billion dollar companies. To hear that the team is passionate and empowered, that's the goal. Because that's what's going to make a difference.
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