People Matter | Bombas

May 1, 2019・1 min read

TriNet’s People Matter campaign shines a light on the intrepid, hardworking people at small and medium size businesses across the country.

Watch as CEO and co-founder of Bombas, David Heath, reads a letter from members of his team on Bombas’ mission and what it means to them. Bombas makes a difference—one pair of socks at a time.

Dear David, I never thought socks could change the world. I never thought I'd find a community that shares my passion for design and helping others. Because we're not only building a successful business, we're making a positive impact in our community. Whether it’s sock donations or volunteering, our company makes giving back extremely important. It's pretty special to be a part of a team that has mastered one thing and continues diving into new ventures. We've grown so much. In some ways, everything has changed, but we always stay true to who we are. We're a very diverse group. But once we're in a room together, we're family, cute dogs and all. We’re open and honest with each other. Everyone's opinion is valued. I never thought I'd wake up every morning so excited to go to work. There's so much energy, intelligence and creativity shared across the team. We're ready to surpass the goals we've set and trust each other to make it happen. Sincerely, The Bombas Team. It’s really nice to hear. I feel a lot of the same way. You know, to hear other people confirm the way that you feel is really nice. We're a pretty tight knit group, and I think the team as a whole works really, really hard to make this a really special and unique place to be. If you’re not connected to the newest person on the team and getting their perspective on what it’s like, then I think you can potentially lose that. None of this would be possible without the contribution of every single person out there in that room.
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