People Matter | Brompton Bicycle

June 10, 2019

TriNet’s People Matter campaign shines a light on the intrepid, hardworking people at small and medium size businesses across the country.

Watch as Richard Spencer, President of Brompton North America, reads a letter from his team on how they take pride in Brompton Bicycle’s mission and working for a company that is changing the way people live—one city at a time!

Dear Rich,
Together we are changing the way people move through the world. Every day, we are making cycling more approachable, sharing the road with new friends as they discover that sense of freedom you get the first time you go riding. This is the healthiest and most exciting work environment we've ever been a part of. We feel a sense of responsibility and connection to our jobs that we've never felt before. Biking is our passion and that passion fuels our careers. We know we're here because we fit as a team. We're a group of unique individuals bound by a common goal to inspire others to make cycling a fun part of their daily lives. We feel like we're in on a secret and it's our job to spread the word. We're honored to be part of Brompton where we can shape the future of cycling in the United States.
The Brompton U.S. Team

It's really awesome, isn't it? How nice. To hear that from the team, it just fills me with pride. Really, the motivation here for all of these people is to do something bigger than commerce. It's to do something that is to the benefit of society. And that's really exciting.
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