People Matter | HUM Nutrition

September 10, 2019

HUM Nutrition works to help people look and feel their absolute best by being empowered to be the best themselves. A team that is changing the way beauty is perceived, celebrates its differences as strengths and is driven to make a difference. In a thank you letter written to their CEO and Co-founder Walter Faulstroh, HUM team shares what inspires and motivates them every day. Watch as Walter reads the letter for the first time.

Dear Walter,
We truly believe beauty starts from within. Every day, you empower each of us to become the best versions of ourselves. You encourage us to grow, to take risks, to love, and most important, you inspire us to work together to achieve our mission, to help people look and feel the absolute best. Our curiosity drives us to continually innovate. We make the highest quality nutrients accessible to everyone using sound science. We rejoice in our own personal transformations, physical and emotional. And hearing heartfelt stories from our customers, we are overwhelmed by the sentiments. We help people become more confident and live life without holding back. It renews our commitment to doing what we do. We motivate each other daily and embrace our differences as strengths. And because you thank us at every opportunity, we want to take this moment to let you know how much we appreciate you. Together, we have made Humm a truly transformational place.
With love,
Team Humm

It's beautiful to see that. It's the kind of magic when the team comes together. There's a lot of passion that goes into the product and we do things that make sense intellectually, but also makes sense in your heart. We say beauty starts from within, but our definition for beauty is how you feel about yourself. It's really about that confidence. Spreading the positivity. That means a lot to me. Hearing it from another perspective is incredible.
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