People Matter | Left Field Labs

February 18, 2020

The team at Left Field Labs is on a mission to use technology to make a positive change in the world. They thrive on solving problems, learning from their mistakes and growing together. This is a team that pushes boundaries and is ready to take risks.

Watch as they thank Sarah Mehler, CEO and Founder Left Field Labs, in a heartfelt letter.

Dear Sarah,
We believe in the power of technology to make positive change in the world. We build products, launch startups, tell immersive stories and change lives for the better. We are a diverse team of inventors, designers, coders, technologists, strategists and storytellers. Because of your leadership, we have learned creativity has no rules or boundaries. We thrive on solving problems, learning from our mistakes and growing together. This is a place where anything is possible and that is an incredible feeling. Thank you for always encouraging us to have vision, take risks and build the impossible.
The Left Field Labs Team

Wow. It's powerful and it means a lot. It's very touching. It reinforces so much of why I decided to start this company. Technology is about the people and we're here to create impact in the world, in our culture. When we work together as a group, we can do the impossible. We can create things that haven't existed before.
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