People Matter | ShotSpotter

January 7, 2020

Ending gun violence is a tough job. ShotSpotter is committed to helping end gun violence by using technology to alert police every time a gun is fired. It is a company that inspires its employees to create impact and change the world. “We never lose sight of our goal, to help provide equal protection for all” – these employees believe in something bigger! Watch as they thank CEO and president ShotSpotter, Ralph Clark, for giving them a chance to make a difference.

Dear Ralph,
Gun violence has become a daily occurrence in our nation and it can feel like we've become numb to its existence. Every time a gunshot goes unreported and unaddressed, community members are left to think that their lives aren't valued. We're changing this perception by giving law enforcement the tools to serve more equitably. By combining the power of acoustic sensors with machine learning, we can detect and report gunfire with unparalleled speed and precision. We never lose sight of our goal to help provide equal protection for all. We are a diverse team who are passionate about our mission to proactively engage police, community members and city leaders in reducing gun violence. And we are honored to make such a life-changing difference for so many people simply by doing our jobs.
The ShotSpotter Team

That's amazing. That's what brings us all here, that shared purpose. The fact that we all share this passion and interest is energizing because you need that on some days. Anytime anyone fires a gun in a neighborhood where there's no police response, that's what normalizes violence. To know that you're helping a law enforcement agency to send a patrol officer there in a way that they fundamentally haven't been able to respond before, that's very meaningful. We're doing work that matters; that's making a difference.
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