51 Practical Gifts for Coworkers That Won’t Dent Your Paycheck

September 26, 2018・10 mins read
51 Practical Gifts for Coworkers That Won’t Dent Your Paycheck

Buying gifts for coworkers? Do you need some gift ideas that won't break the bank? Maybe you’re thinking of small gifts for managers in your office. If you supervise staff, you might be looking for employee gift ideas. Sometimes the whole staff pitches in on group gifts for an employee retirement or wedding shower.

But it’s difficult to know what to get for your coworkers. While you see each other frequently, you might not know what their interests are outside of work.

To help you avoid giving yet another Starbucks gift card or edible flower arrangement, we’ve compiled a list of 51 practical gifts for coworkers that they will actually use.

These are all great ideas for a white elephant gift exchange, Secret Santa, going away party, or a coworker’s birthday.

For the office techie

  1. Portable phone charger: Your coworker will never have to worry about his phone battery dying again. $21.99
  2. Extra long charging cable: Now your coworker can use her iPhone in bed, even if the power outlet is far away. $14.99
  3. Travel cable organizer: Because smartphone, laptop, and Kindle chargers can’t play nice in a suitcase! $25.99
  4. Waterproof phone pouch: If you have coworkers who like to travel to beaches, water parks, cruises (or have kids) these waterproof cases are perfect for them. Put a phone inside to keep it safe. They can even snap photos underwater! $5.49.
  5. A 6 port USB charging station. People have to charge so many devices at once, the cables are everywhere and it’s a mess. Your coworker can keep this on her desk or bring it home. $29.99
  6. Car Mount for smartphone: This one from iOttie is $16.95. It will make it a lot easier to use the GPS while driving to all of those out of office meetings.
  7. Keyboard cover: These things keep dust out of your keyboard, and they look fantastic. This one is just for Mac keyboards, and it comes in a variety of designs for $6.99.
  8. Bluetooth tracking tag: Your coworker can clip this to anything--his wallet, dog’s collar, or even his child’s clothes. The Bluetooth tracking will make sure he can track down anything (or anyone) who gets lost. $29.95
  9. Wireless earbuds: If you work in cubicles, you and your coworkers might have trouble concentrating with all the noise around you. Listen to music, ocean sounds, or just white noise to drown it out. $19.97
  10. Lap pillow for tablet: This one by LapGear is $14.99.
  11. USB mini fridge. It has just enough room to keep a can of soda cold for $26.99.

For the coffee lover

  1. The Coffee Cookie: We’re guessing you work with a lot of coffee drinkers-- so this might be one of the best gifts for coworkers. This little gadget keeps to-go coffee hot. It’s a portable, rechargeable coffee heater that fastens to the bottom of your disposable cup and pauses your beverage at your preferred temperature. $14.99
  2. The gift of caffeine from FORTO, a 2oz. ready-to-drink coffee shot, equal to 1 or 2 cups of coffee. $11.95 for a box of 6.

For the tool geek

  1. Grill cleaner and flipping tool: WiseGuyz Gadgets is $19.95. It cleans the tops and sides of your grill grates, and you can use it to flip your burgers too.
  2. R2D2 Screwdriver: Includes 1 slotted and 2 Phillips head steel bits, so your co-worker’s favorite droid can help him out of a jam. $14.99
  3. Keychain multi-tool: This one from Swiss + Tech is $6.95, and it includes a flat screwdriver, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, serrated and straight knife blades as well as a micro eyeglass screwdriver, all in a compact keychain that fits in your pocket.
  4. Life hammer: This may not be your typical gift, but everyone should have one in their glove box. It cuts your seatbelts and breaks your car windows in case of an emergency. $6.14
  5. Small tool kit: Do you have some younger employees? These are great gifts for coworkers who are just moving out on their own! Give them a few tools to get started. $16.69 Apollo Tools
  6. Fix a flat repair kit: It’s always a good idea to keep one of these in the glove box. $21.99
  7. Hair clip multi-tool: You’ve seen those movies where a woman pulls a pin out of her hair to pick a lock, right? That could be your co-worker. These are actual hair clips that can also be used as a bottle opener, nail file, ruler, and screwdriver. 3 pack for $26.95.
  8. Red wine stain emergency kit We all have that one coworker who inevitably spills their wine at happy hour. This will keep the stain from setting in. $12
  9. Keyfinder: Your coworker's keys will be hanging safely inside her purse, but the clip is on the outside, so she won’t have to dig through her bag to find them. $7.95.
  10. Purse hook: Your coworker will never have to take up a bar stool or chair with her purse again. $9.99 for a 3 pack

For the homebody

  1. Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutters: For the health nut in your office. These are great gifts for coworkers who are creative cooks-- it turns vegetables into noodles. $11.99
  2. Olive oil. We weren’t going to include any food on this list, because we know your entire office is sick of shortbread cookies and fruit cake, but this is actually a practical food. If your coworker cooks at all, he needs olive oil at home. This one, Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil is $15 per 8.5fl.oz, and it’s different enough to be a cute gift.
  3. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber: This one is a bit pricier than the others on our list, but we promise, it’s worth it. This thing effortlessly scrubs dirt and grime off of tile, grout, or any other hard surface in your home. $49.99
  4. Pocket fan: For your co-worker who always complains that it’s too hot in the office. $11.98.
  5. Mini space heater: Don’t forget the coworker who’s always cold! $19.99
  6. Booklight: Your coworker can clip this wooden clothespin light to a book or anything else she needs to see in the dark. $12
  7. Pocket Picnic Blanket: It’s waterproof. You coworker can use it for camping, beach trips, hiking, and picnics. This one from Matador is $29.95.
  8. Pot clips: Rest spoons and spatulas on the edge of the pot without getting your stovetop dirty. $6.99
  9. Snap strainer: Drain pasta right out of the pot without a colander. A good space saver for your coworker with the tiny apartment. $13.99

For the traveler

  1. Plant self-watering globe: These are great gifts for coworkers who love plants but are never home to water them. $14
  2. Travel toiletry bag: Everyone who travels a lot should have one of these. It hangs on the towel hook in the bathroom, and all of your toiletries are right there. This one from Mister Bag is $15.95.
  3. Travel size hand cream This is convenient to keep in a purse or briefcase, especially if your job involves a lot of handwashing. $5.99
  4. Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Help your coworkers reduce their carbon footprint with this gift that they can bring anywhere.
  5. Reusable lunch bag: This one from Mier comes adult colors that work for men and women. $17.55
  6. Sleep Headphones: How many of your coworkers could use more sleep? This comfy headband has built-in headphones that you can wear while you’re sleeping, relaxing, or meditating. $18.97
  7. Sleep mask: Again, everyone needs sleep, and most people don’t get enough. Get these gifts for coworkers who snooze on their desks! $9.69

For just about anyone

  1. A microfiber hair towel: $12.99. Super absorbent and lightweight, it dries hair way faster than a conventional bath towel.
  2. To-do list notepads: They’re magnetic, so they stick to your refrigerator, ready for you to jot down grocery items, to-dos, or anything else you need to remember. $10.99 for a 6 pack.
  3. Magnetic pencil cup: Nobody can ever find a pen when they need it. But with this magnetic holder, your coworker will always have one right there on the refrigerator. $9.19.
  4. Liquid hand sanitizer: This one by OLIKA is moisturizing, and it comes in a cute little locking birdie bottle. $12.99 for 2 birds that contain 250 uses each!
  5. Pet grooming gloves: These are gifts for coworkers with fur babies, and they work much better than a standard pet brush. Dogs and cats actually like them, and they gather hair more quickly too. $13.86
  6. Fun socks: Everyone needs socks! Instead of wrapping up a bag of plain white crew socks, why not give your co-worker some fun ones? These are $10.99 for 4 pairs, and you can choose from a variety of famous artwork designs.
  7. A tote bag: Everyone needs these. Your coworker can use it to carry notes and reports to meetings, or bring it home and use it as a grocery bag. 3 sizes from $23.00 - $26.00
  8. A pretty notebook. Your coworker can use this for note taking, list making, or journaling. $14.50
  9. Blank note cards: Sometimes, you need a card to give someone right now. When that happens to your coworker, these Pink Parisien “Merci” note cards will be there to help. $18/set of 8.
  10. A life-changing book: Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman will help your coworker understand his own thinking and the way others think too. It makes people better decision makers, in business and in life.
  11. Braided bike lock: For your coworker who cycles to work. $14.99
  12. Math whiz clock: This will make a practical and fun gift for the folks in your accounting department. Everyone needs a clock, and with this one, your coworkers can figure out the time by calculating fractions and square roots. $29.50
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