Hourly Paycheck Calculator

January 24, 2019
Tools - Hourly Paycheck Calculator

Is your current payroll system struggling to handle critical data for hourly employees? TriNet has a solution. Our Hourly Calculator is designed to provide essential insights for accurate and compliant payroll processing in accordance with federal, state, and local wage regulations. Say goodbye to payroll challenges and welcome a more efficient way to manage payday for your hourly employees with TriNet's Hourly Calculator.


  1. To utilize the Hourly Calculator, begin by entering the check date and selecting your state.
  2. Fill in your gross hourly pay, how much you've earned so far this year, and set your pay frequency to bi-weekly.
  3. Under Federal Information, confirm your filing status and allowances for precise federal tax calculations. State Information requires your chosen state tax rate, while Voluntary Deductions allows for any extra withholdings.
  4. Once all information is inputted, the calculator will provide an estimated take-home pay, accounting for all taxes and deductions.
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We comply with all ESAC standards and maintain ESAC accreditation since 1995.
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