TriNet’s new look, new commitment to SMBs.

April 4, 2023

TriNet President and Chief Executive Officer, Burton M. Goldfield, speaks at the unveiling event for our new brand identity, which illustrates how TriNet is the ideal platform for small and medium-size business as we help solve complex problems for more than 22,000 incredible customers across the United States.

We're going to have duelling stages tonight. Michael will be on that stage. I'll be on this stage.
Welcome everybody. Thank you for joining us. We're here tonight to honor our amazing customers, many who have not only survived through the last three years of this craziness, but also thrived during this incredible period. And Garson is one of 'em, just a talent, an amazing team. And what he does is second to none. You'll hear from many of our customers tonight. I hope their stories inspire you, like they inspire me. They inspire me to get up every morning and do an even better job. And then you look around the room at the photography and what Annie has done in capturing the people and the companies that we serve is just phenomenal.
A friend of mine was a world-renowned climber. His name is Todd Skinner. Many of you may have heard of him. And he used to talk to me about building teams in climbing unclimbable mountains. And he had this concept where you were never prepared to climb the mountain when you started. It was only the challenge of each step to get to the summit where you learned as a team how to grow and get to that summit. I feel like that's the story of TriNet. TriNet has grown by addressing the needs of our customers by being with them, with the challenges and the celebrations that they have. And every day we see wins and we see challenges.
I've watched companies get R&D tax credits for a half a million dollars that allow them to continue in a very difficult environment. We have seen companies get almost $2 billion in PPP loans and have those loans forgiven over time. We've given clients access to benefits at a time when they really needed them and additional benefits through our Enrich™ product. We celebrate when they get funding rounds, when they get exits. We've also seen a very significant use of the employee assistance program.
Through these challenging times, we're able to help people navigate their lives and their business constructs. We know that we are contributing to their resiliency and we celebrate that and the proud association. So one of the things I wanted to announce tonight is that the word is in—our customers grew in March. Yes. They not only grew in March in a tough environment, but our customers grew in absolute terms more than they have in the last eight months.
We are seeing a generation of entrepreneurs. We are seeing a generation of folks that have passion and vision around what they are doing. Now, one month doesn't make a trend, but I am optimistic, and I believe there's an opportunity even in these difficult economic times to grow and prosper. We have unique customers doing unique things and I'm going to call out one of 'em because yesterday I had the opportunity to go into the studio with folks from the McCarton Foundation. And I think Whitney Loy and Karen Kelly are here. Where's Whitney? There he is. He inspired me, I think I'm good for the next month. So McCarton Foundation addresses autism and gets kids early. They're right here in New York and the need is great. So they go to the underserved communities and they've grown from three employees to over 200 over the last couple of years. Now that is a big vision and the need is there and the passion that Whitney had just was phenomenal. So that video will be coming out soon, but Whitney, you have no idea. You impacted me so much yesterday, so thank you for that.
I think it's really interesting and this came out yesterday with Whitney. He understands as every great CEO does, that the people in the company fulfill the mission. So we need to help the people deliver on that promise, trying to invest in listening and understanding and developing products. And what we are hearing is clients want simplicity. They want flexibility and they want value. TriNet is proud of our heritage revolutionizing the PEO market. TriNet was the first PEO to go to the cloud and the first to go mobile. TriNet was the first to recognize that one size does not fit all and that what a nonprofit needs is different from what a great financial service company needs. Today we are going to celebrate the new TriNet. It's been a busy few years. We acquired Zenefits and we promised to integrate them into our organization. Well, TriNet and Zenefits are now one, a series of products under TriNet, an HRIS solution, a PEO solution and a set of products and services for both Claris R&D and the Enrich product line.
It's a new TriNet with an expanded offering and we have been working with entrepreneurs for over 30 years and I've never seen more of a need for innovation, flexibility and growth. The new TriNet is bigger. The new TriNet is bolder. Our aspirations are greater because our customer's aspirations are greater. We will always put our customers at the center of everything we do because we know that people matter. And with that, I am pleased to unveil our brand new logo tonight. TriNet.
Michael, will you come back to the stage? What do you have to say, Michael? Good job.
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