People Matter | Dia&Co

April 9, 2019

TriNet’s People Matter campaign shines a light on the intrepid, hardworking people at small and medium size businesses across the country. Watch the Dia&Co founder read a moving letter from her team for the first time. Presented by New York Times T Brand Studio.

Dear Nadia,
Together we are creating a body-positive revolution. We know that self-love has no size limit. We know that the 100 million plus-size women in this country deserve the exact same access to style as everyone else. In high school, we struggle to find beauty in our reflections.
Many of us have never had a job where we could completely be ourselves until we found Dia. Working here pushed us to finally celebrate ourselves as we are, because there is no shame in standing out. Every day at Dia, we’re empowering women to express their individuality. Every day, we are inspired to never settle in our clothing, in our careers and in our lives. Dia is more than a clothing company. We are a community, and we're here to change the world.
The Dia Team

It's beautiful. Getting this kind of feedback from members of our team is an incredible reminder of why it’s so important to keep going. Style is about self-expression and being able to express yourself is a critical part in every woman’s path to self-love. To have a group of people so deeply passionate about that mission inside of Dia is something that I am so grateful for.
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