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Get answers to common questions about HR outsourcing and TriNet services.

About TriNet

Who is TriNet and is TriNet accredited?
Founded in 1988, TriNet (NYSE: TNET) is an industry leader in HR solutions for small to medium size businesses. TriNet PEO offers payroll services, access to big-company benefits, a 401(k) plan, workers’ compensation, employer practices liability insurance, and strategic HR support and services. The company also provides online tools for manager and employee self-service. Since 1995, TriNet PEO has been accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), the official accreditation and financial assurance organization for the industry.
How can TriNet benefit my business?
TriNet helps simplify HR administration with access to payroll services, premium-level benefits, risk mitigation and compliance expertise—all delivered through industry-tailored service and a comprehensive technology platform—so you can devote more time to your business and your team.
How can TriNet support my company’s growth?
Small business owners can get bogged down with administrative tasks, payroll, compliance and sensitive HR matters when their business starts growing. For that reason, small businesses are increasingly leveraging a single vendor that can offer full-service HR solutions.

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How can I contact TriNet?
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HR Outsourcing and PEOs

What is a professional employer organization (PEO)?
Professional employer organizations, or PEOs, work with small and medium size businesses to provide human resources support, payroll, benefits and other HR administrative services. Many PEOs also provide worksite employees with access to 401(k) plans, health, dental and life insurance, dependent care, and other benefits not typically provided by small businesses
What is outsourcing human resources?
Human resources outsourcing involves hiring a company to help manage certain functions like administration of benefits, payroll services and strategic HR. It can also include strategic services like talent retention, compliance and risk mitigation.

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What is co-employment?
In a co-employment relationship, a PEO and its clients allocate certain employer responsibilities relating to the employees the client brings into the relationship. Typically, the PEO and client responsibilities are expressly described in a service agreement between the PEO and the client. The business owner remains in complete control of day-to-day activities and direction of the company.
What are the benefits of using a PEO?
The advantages of teaming up with a PEO include access to robust benefits, mitigating employment-related risk, reduced costs associated with running an HR team and added time to focus on your business. Learn more about PEO benefits

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What is the difference between a PEO vs ASO?
A PEO delivers services to its customers through a shared tax ID; this model is referred to as a “co-employer” or “co-employment” relationship. Companies working with PEOs retain complete control over operations, workforce management, building company culture and defining the employment brand.

The service provided by an ASO does not establish a co-employment relationship. The ASO does not process payroll and remit and report taxes under its own FEIN, nor can it provide access to benefits as a sponsor of a benefits plan. The client company remains the sole sponsor when working with an ASO.

TriNet Services and Products

What HR consulting services does TriNet provide?


What payroll services does TriNet offer?
Our online payroll services include payroll processing with direct deposit and debiting, plus we make it easy to go paperless with e-pay stubs and electronic W-2 preparation and delivery. You can also view estimated invoices, which are automatically updated as you add employees and make other changes. Our self-service platform also allows you to track paid time off.
What payroll taxes are reported by TriNet?
For TriNet PEO the following payroll taxes are reported under TriNet's professional employer organization (PEO) federal employer identification numbers (FEINs):
  • All federal payroll taxes—Form W-2s will be issued under TriNet’s name and FEIN
  • All state and local income taxes, except for California and Oregon
  • Paid family and medical leave, except for Massachusetts and Washington
  • State disability insurance (SDI) in Hawaii, New York and Puerto Rico
  • SUTA in certain states
What payroll taxes are reported under your company’s FEIN, when using TriNet PEO?
  • California and Oregon income tax withholding
  • State disability insurance (SDI) in California and Rhode Island
  • Paid family and medical leave for Massachusetts and Washington
  • SUTA in certain states


What type of employee benefits can I provide my employees through TriNet?
With TriNet PEO you are able to leverage the collective strength of thousands of small and medium sized businesses, we’re able to deliver access to premium-level benefits that include health, dental, vision and 401(k) plans. Access to employee benefit plans goes beyond robust health and retirement coverage to include benefits such as critical accident and illness policies, auto and home policies, and commuter benefits. TriNet also helps you navigate benefits compliance requirements including ACA, COBRA, disability and state filings.


Does TriNet offer mobile services?
Yes, with TriNet Mobile for TriNet PEO, employees can have HR essentials at their fingertips. With both Android and iOS support, all employees have access to the TriNet platform from the palm of their hands.

  • Money: View paycheck detailed summaries. Access important tax information and W-2 forms.
  • Time off: See available time off balance and history. Request, schedule and approve time off.
  • Benefits: Check elections including carriers and group policy numbers.
  • Security: Protect information with multi-step authentication.
  • Company information: Access company contact details.


What is TriNet’s pricing structure?
TriNet PEO charges on a flat fee per-employee-per-month (PEPM) basis, so your costs are predictable.1 Prices can vary by region, industry, company size and scope of services. Get more information on TriNet’s Transparent Pricing page.

1 Payroll taxes are subject to periodic adjustments by relevant government authorities and this is an estimate based on annual employee wages and wages capped as applicable according to federal and state taxing authority guidelines. PEPM charges applicable as a portion of the rate on each pay cycle run charged per check fee.

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ESAC Accreditation
We comply with all ESAC standards and maintain ESAC accreditation since 1995.
Certified PEO
A TriNet subsidiary is classified as a Certified Professional Employer Organization by the IRS.