38 Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities

January 26, 2024・8 mins read
38 Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities

In the dynamic landscape of today's workplaces, teamwork is a vital ingredient for success. While indoor activities have their place, the allure of the great outdoors provides a unique backdrop for team-building endeavors. To help you get some ideas, here's a comprehensive list of 38 fun outdoor games and activities to do with your employees.

The Importance of Team Building Activities for Adults

Team building is a great way to help improve internal collaboration and inspire your team to work together, both inside and outside of the office. It can boost problem-solving skills and improve team bonding, especially when the tasks are challenging outdoor activities. Although some people may find them a bit uncomfortable at first, there are several team-building ideas that can help your employees break out of their shells and become the best version of themselves. Plus, the benefits of holding a regular team-building event are undeniable.

• Improves work relationships

• Boosts performance and collaboration

• Strengthens communication

• Reduces stress

• Enhances company culture

• Helps employee engagement

• Unlocks leadership potential

38 Best Outdoor Team Building Activities

Taking action to strengthen team bonds and foster collaboration is a paramount aspect of organizational success. Each activity offers diverse experiences that help create a great time beyond the confines of office walls. The following list of ideas for outdoor team building is meant to inspire you on different ways to engage and unite team members, thus creating a holistic development of teamwork, communication and camaraderie. From classic outdoor activities to more exhilarating options, you shouldn't have trouble finding a team activity to try with your employees. Consider these activities but also keeping in mind of what may align with your business and your business policies.

  1. Scavenger Hunt — A classic favorite, the scavenger hunt combines problem-solving, teamwork, and a dash of adventure as employees work together to decipher clues and uncover hidden treasures. Create a list of items to find, break teams into small groups, set a time limit, and see who comes back victorious.
  2. Sports Day — This is kind of like a company picnic but with plenty of different games. Some of the most common activities include potato sack races, three-legged races, or tug-of-war. These outdoor events foster friendly competition within your team while promoting an active team culture.
  3. Cornhole — Hosting a cornhole competition is another way to encourage friendly competition among employees. You'll need the cornhole sets for this, but that's all.
  4. Axe Throwing — This is a fairly new option on the list of outdoor team-building activities, but it's a fun game nonetheless. Help employees channel precision and focus, as axe throwing demands teamwork and trust.
  5. Egg Drop — Take turns walking to the finish line with this traditional team-building activity. Doing it outside helps eliminate a messy indoor cleanup and allows employees to enjoy some sunshine.
  6. Water Balloon Toss — Alternatively, give each team some water balloons and have them toss back and forth, trying not to pop them.
  7. Geocaching — This involves using a geocaching app with GPS to track down containers that others have left behind. It's essentially a virtual team scavenger hunt and is a great activity to get people moving.
  8. Community Service — This is a classic group activity that can be done in outdoor and indoor settings. Opt for a park clean-up for your next outdoor team-building day.
  9. The Human Knot — For something a bit more physical, try the human knot! Have your entire team gather in a circle, extend their right hand and grab the hand of a person across from them (they cannot grab someone directly to their right or left). Repeat with the left hand and then try to get untangled.
  10. Capture the Flag — When you want a classic activity, head to your local park and set up capture the flag. It's a great way to get to know work groups and is among the best games and activities for all ages.
  11. Obstacle Course — Build your own obstacle course or take your team on an outdoor adventure at a local venue. Then, split up large groups, create different teams and let the fun begin.
  12. Charity Walk/Run — This is one of the best outdoor activities to encourage bonding and give back. Plus, participating in a charity walk or run promotes a healthy lifestyle and cultivates a shared sense of purpose and community engagement.
  13. Community Gardening — A gardening activity is a great option to help strengthen your environmental footprint and boost bonding among team members. Although it's not an outdoor game, it's still a great activity.
  14. Team Yoga — Learn more about the benefits of yoga by hosting an outdoor session with your team.
  15. Outdoor Hike — Head to a nearby state park or local nature reserve for a hike. At the end of the activity, go out for drinks or food.
  16. Tug-of-War — If you're looking for fun and competitiveness, give everyone a chance to participate in a company-wide tug-of-war game. Sweeten the pot with a prize for the winning team.
  17. Rafting — For businesses near water, consider going rafting. Team members must sign a waiver for this type of activity, but it can be an exhilarating option.
  18. Potluck Picnic — For this option, ask team members to bring their favorite dish and plan an outdoor potluck picnic.
  19. Photo Challenges — Similar to a scavenger hunt, but each team must fulfill each prompt for the photos. The first team to complete them all wins.
  20. Tree Planting — If your company culture involves being environmentally sustainable, a great outdoor activity is tree planting. Talk to your local environmental group to learn more about coordinating this.
  21. Freeze Tag — Head to a park and spark up a game of good, old-fashioned freeze tag.
  22. Rope Courses — Do some research and find an outdoor venue near you before you plan this activity. It's a fun group event that can help employees face their fears and support each other in the process.
  23. The Amazing Race — If your employees love competing challenges, hold a local version of the famous "Amazing Race." Make it a competition, but try to limit the geographical location to make it easier.
  24. Relay Race — A relay race is a nice, traditional bonding activity. Teams race against each other, going one by one until there's a winner. You can also combine a relay with completing challenges to make it even more fun.
  25. Therapy Dog Day — It's hard to be sad around dogs, and they can do wonders for productivity and overall well-being.
  26. Miniature Golf — Everyone loves a game of miniature golf! Plus, this activity helps coworkers practice patience.
  27. Ziplining — Another great activity for the adventure seekers in your company.
  28. Paintball — Teammates can come together for a competitive game of paintball. While it can be fun for some, it may be a bit too intense for others, so don't force participation.
  29. Beach Day — If your location allows for it, consider renting an outdoor space on the beach for a company-wide retreat. This is a great team activity that can help reduce stress and encourage bonding.
  30. Beach Clean Up — For the environmentally inclined, combine your beach day with some cleaning. Take plastic bags and garbage pickers so everyone can walk the shore and collect any trash they see.
  31. Brewery Tour — If you'd prefer just to hang out and get to know each other over a few beers, visit a local brewery and try a flight.
  32. Kickball — Nothing says team spirit like a friendly game of kickball! It's fun and simple and gives employees a chance to get outside and unleash their inner child.
  33. Baseball — Alternatively, host a team baseball game!
  34. Touch Football — Or football.
  35. Volleyball — Or volleyball
  36. Ping Pong Tournament — If you want a sport less physical, try a table tennis tournament. Every team can have a chance to compete, with one team being crowned the winner.
  37. Walking Tour of Your City — Get to know your community by creating a unique walking tour that covers historical sites, interesting information and places of interest. Take your employees on a tour of the city you work in.
  38. Random Act of Kindness — While this might be something you encourage everyone to do regularly, you can also make a day out of it. Make your team members spread out in the community and complete various random acts of kindness throughout the day.

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