10 Companies Who Inspire Creative Team Collaboration

February 1, 2023
10 Companies Who Inspire Creative Team Collaboration

More businesses are finding ways to create a more creative and collaborative environment. This may be because 74% of employees say they’re more effective when they feel heard. Creative collaboration is the process that teams use to come up with fresh perspectives on business aspects. It opens the floor for open communication and the sharing of respected ideas. Here is a list of at least 10 businesses that inspire efforts like these.


Slack is in the business of interaction. Their messaging app brings professionals together. They can effortlessly work in uniform with business goals and aspirations. With Slack, colleagues can connect not only with one another but also with those outside their network. Everyone within an organization has access to shared and searchable data that makes their jobs easier. According to Slack, at least 85% of their users report improved business communication. Even within their own working environment, Slack instills open communication.

Ideas are respectfully recognized as reliable contributions.

Their Glassdoor ratings are very impressive. One employee says they are both humble and collaborative. Other Slack team members declare that ideas are respectfully recognized as reliable contributions.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment is one of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry. They are the creators of famous internet games and franchises and have thousands of employees worldwide working towards entertainment evolution. In their sphere, game creators and collaborators work together and align themselves with the organization’s core values. Two values stand out. They are:

  • Embrace Your Inner Geek – states that cutting-edge thinking helps facilitate a creative culture. Their environment appreciates uniqueness and enthusiasm.
  • Every Voice Matters – relays that Blizzard believes creative ideas can come from anyone. Every employee is professionally encouraged to share their concepts and listen intently to others, too.

These two values specifically relate to creative collaboration to make their business better. This scales their ability to make the most epic games out there. Blizzard employees benefit from these values that respectfully embrace their opinions.


Unsurprisingly, Google leads in many business aspects. They’re known for providing an innovative and professionally collaborative culture. Their company culture thrives from this and the idea that a shared vision helps shape a company. To prove it, Google continues to win awards for diversity and inclusion. This company’s massive range of services makes sharing ideas with diverse groups of people necessary for success. Their fleet of tools helps other businesses of all sizes handle their successful projects similarly.

This company’s massive range of services makes sharing ideas with diverse groups of people necessary for success.

Companies everywhere take Google’s example to find all sorts of automated methods of sharing and communicating. They can thrive and communicate ideas seamlessly as a fully productive business should. Their example of creative collaboration is evident between Gmail, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and so much more.


This technological company values tech that makes lives easier for everyone. They’ve made reasonable efforts to make the world a better place through innovative products and practices. HP invented Maker Space. This is a collaborative space specifically for HP employees to access group interactions. It includes several workspaces that allow their employees to tinker with robotics and share their output. What makes it more inclusive is the addition of monitors and cameras for virtual collaboration. Companies can take a lot from the inclusive efforts of HP. Professional spaces for team collaboration will do wonders for employee engagement. It provides an environment where employees can develop ideas without interfering with business practices.


Mastercard is a multinational leader in the financial industry. They make connecting merchants and businesses seem easy with continuous creative collaboration. Mastercard’s mission statement asserts they believe in connecting everyone to priceless possibilities. To make this happen, they start within and create an inclusive and collaborative environment. They drive employee engagement and inclusion with regular staff feedback. Mastercard allows their workers’ voices to be respectfully heard to make their customer’s experiences safe and straightforward.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI works around the clock to protect citizens for the best American security. They have many departments that work interconnectedly to protect American families. They match employees to departments that best fit their backgrounds and skill sets. These departments include:

  • Criminal investigation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Counterintelligence, and more.

The FBI still has work to do regarding its diversity efforts. Still, the FBI works closely with all federal law enforcement agencies on joint investigations. These task forces address many national security threats and crimes. Like other companies, each team must communicate effectively to provide the best work ethic. Many other businesses aren’t likely to come close to a national disaster without collaborative teamwork, as the FBI would. Their intense attention to detail and creative collaboration should inspire all businesses to work as diligently as they do.


Amazon prides itself on its unique work culture. Once just a bookselling company, Amazon spans a variety of industries. Amazon claims they want its employees to feel empowered enough to speak their minds. This business strives to support customers who rely on the knowledge of people from different backgrounds. Amazon is another multinational company that requires cultural input through collaboration.

This business strives to support customers who rely on the knowledge of people from different backgrounds.

From a business aspect, their hand in many industries makes collaboration necessary. Amazon can relate best practices across all their projects. From online retail to cloud services, Amazon connects team members with each other to share different perspectives.


Wistia is a company that works to build the most streamlined video marketing process. This platform allows users to upload, host, and share videos supporting B2B companies. It’s a collaborative business that caters to the needs of marketers everywhere. Wistia caters to the unique personalities of all its team members and encourages their creative efforts. Essentially, their work environment fosters the inclusion and collaboration their customers strive for.


The person looking for a great example of growth and inclusion needs to look no further than Disney. Their revenue relies on:

  • Parks
  • Movies
  • Merchandise
  • Cruises and much more

As such, they have a massive team of 10,000+ cast members collaborating to connect the dots and give the people what they want. Disney creates magic for people of all ages. They rely on the opinions and shared ideas of people of all backgrounds and from areas around the world. From within, they facilitate a supportive and creative working environment to make this happen.


Squarespace’s entire goal is to help people with creative ideas succeed. They believe in facilitating creative teams to embody their mission. They are one of the leaders in website and e-commerce platform-building companies. As such, they provide many high-value designs to suit any business. Squarespace collaborates with team members from all over the globe to protect creativity. They are in the business for all companies of maintaining:

  • Branding
  • Sales
  • Online presence

They are able to share intuitive plans designed to increase their customers’ creative business aspects.


Through collaboration, teams effectively drive the process of developing creative ideas and products. They share a common sense of ownership for their work and become motivated toward reaching a shared goal. Regardless of the need, creative collaboration pays off in ways that outpace individual effort. Companies will do well to embrace sharing ideas the way these businesses have.

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