How Mobile HR Can Help Your Business Create a Happy and Productive Workplace

May 23, 2016
How Mobile HR Can Help Your Business Create a Happy and Productive Workplace

The mobile trend is revolutionizing human resources management. In fact, research shows that HR applications are twice as likely to be used on smartphones as on computers. Not surprisingly, mobile HR solutions continue to gain traction among businesses.

So, how do businesses benefit from going mobile with their HR?

1. Mobile makes employees more productive

According to a Sierra Cedar survey, the addition of mobile access increases manager adoption rate of self-service applications from 41 percent to 66 percent. The research also reveals that organizations with a higher self-service adoption rate can serve 10 percent more employees than those without mobile technologies.

2. Mobile enhances employee experience

Mobile HR applications enable employees to access paycheck and benefits information instantly and request time off in real time, freeing HR staff to tackle initiatives that impact the broader workforce. As a result, the Sierra Cedar survey observed a 49 percent increase in overall user experience scores when adding mobile access to existing technology, such as self-service features and a helpdesk.

3. Mobile increases the ROI of your overall technology investments

The use of mobile solutions to access self-service applications has made other technology investments more relevant to front-line employees and managers. Embracing the use of mobile and self-service solutions thus enhances the user experience, leading to a positive cycle of technology adoption.

HR departments can work to fully engage employees with mobile technology. Here’s how:

  • Plan implementation and communication programs to launch the mobile solution internally.
  • Offer employees access to relevant information and support to foster self-service and collaboration.
  • Streamline processes across channels based on employee feedback, in order to achieve continuous service aligned with users’ critical needs.

Mobile HR usage has grown rapidly within the TriNet customer base over the years. In fact, we’ve seen over 70 percent growth in user adoption over the last couple of years. TriNet’s award-winning HR mobile application was created to support this tremendous growth. Recently, TriNet rolled out a major upgrade to make TriNet Mobile more efficient and easy to use.

We invite you to download the TriNet mobile app for Android at Google Play or our iOS app in the App Store.

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