People Matter | Knotch

August 7, 2019

Technology company Knotch recently moved their company across the country but their foundation remains solid—they are a business that not only embraces but celebrates their differences. This self-proclaimed “band of misfits” is driven, inclusive and not afraid to take risks. Listen as Co-founder and CEO Anda Gansca reads a letter from her team outlining why they’ll never give up on the company’s mission.

Dear Anda,
We are revolutionizing the way brands understand their audiences. We make brands smarter and empower consumers by giving them a real-time voice online. We are fueled by curiosity, and we're never afraid to fail. We're a band of misfits. We're data nerds. We're proud of our differences. We're inclusive, we're transparent and we hustle. Our emphasis on positive reinforcement motivates us all to work harder. We're growing fast. And moving from Silicon Valley to New York was one of the best decisions we've ever made. Like you always say, companies don't fail, people give up. Well, we're in this together and we're never giving up.
The Knotch Team

Hearing that was really special for me. Our ambition here at Knotch was to build a completely flexible culture that would accept and value people for being different. It feels amazing, honestly, because I get to come in here every day and feel like I belong. And it sounds like everyone else feels the same way.
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