Welcome Letter for Your New Hires (Customizable Template)

February 8, 2022・5 mins read
Welcome Letter for Your New Hires (Customizable Template)

Welcome letters are far more important than many people realize. To some, welcoming new hires is just another step in the onboarding process. They don't realize that this can be a fantastic opportunity to endear yourself and your company to your new employee before they've even started working for you. While these professionals aren't wrong to treat welcome letters as a step in a larger process, they definitely overlook the many advantages of a warm welcome. Perhaps most importantly, they help kickstart prosperous professional relationships. They set the tone for the job you've hired someone to do and present you as someone who's friendly, forthcoming, and excited to welcome your new hire to your team.

Welcome letters set the tone for new hires and help kickstart professional relationships.

So what are some other benefits of great welcome letters, and do they have long-term advantages?

The many benefits of great welcome letters

This is a bigger discussion than many may realize. Writing an effective welcome letter has benefits that extend beyond your new hire's comfort. It's not just about pleasantries and empty, “We're so excited to have you!” sentiments. Experts make the valid point that starting things off on a positive note can lead to higher earnings for your organization as well as further a friendly, comfortable, and productive internal culture. An excellent welcome letter helps the incoming hire feel more excited than terrified, which is an enormous win on its own. An effective welcome letter lets your new hire know that you are excited to have them join your team. Just as importantly, though, it shows them that you are prepared. And as an added benefit, it can help reduce initial stress for both you and your new employee. The onboarding process will go much more smoothly if you give your employee an idea of what their first day will be like. Don't overthink it, but don't underestimate its importance or its utility.

Don't overlook the benefits of a warm welcome letter.

Stuck? We've got a welcome letter template you can swipe

If you are having trouble putting together a great welcome letter, don't worry. We've got a simple, customizable template that can help you! Date   Dear : I'd like to welcome you to ! We’re very excited that you have accepted our job offer and will be joining us on . On behalf of all of our staff, I'd like to welcome you to the team. Your first day will begin with your new employee orientation at . We will spend the morning getting you all set up to lay a strong foundation for your success here at.

Here are a few reminders:

  • Insert details about any necessary onboarding paperwork that the new hire needs to complete/submit — such as links to forms they will need to fill out for purposes of employment status and paycheck withholdings.
  • Mention any attachments you’d like them to review, like an employee handbook, benefits summary, and seating chart.
  • Provide a link to your company “About Us” or blog page.
  • Include a request and details for a New Hire Bio.

We have set up meetings for you to connect with colleagues and learn more about our department and other teams you’ll be working with. Again, a warm welcome to ! If you have any questions or concerns prior to your first day, don’t hesitate to reach out. Regards, Your Name Title Email Address

How to use the template

Feel free to customize this as you see fit. This is just the skeleton of welcome letters that work. In fact, we encourage you to make adjustments and tailor it to your specific needs. It's important to remember that there isn't one correct or effective way to do this. It is all about finding a tone that accurately reflects your thoughts and feelings about them joining your organization.

A welcome letter should empower and motivate new hires.

Quality welcome letters can mean the difference between a fantastic working relationship and an unremarkable one. Motivate your new hire. Empower them to achieve their goals and let them know you're there to help them every step of the way. Tell them what to expect on their first day. Maybe even send them a rough training schedule so they have an idea of what kinds of things to prioritize. This may seem like a small step in the onboarding process, but it really can change the game. Dedicate just a bit more time to crafting something fun, light-hearted, and informative, and don't get too caught up in details or logistics. Yes, this is important. But once you find a healthy balance between communicating your excitement and providing necessary onboarding information, your welcome letter pretty much writes itself.

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