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Why Payroll Matters When it Comes to Incredible Solutions

September 3, 2019

At TriNet, we know that people matter. Every day, dedicated people wake up, head to work and do incredible things to help build the small and medium size companies that are the backbone of the U.S. economy. And what drives these people to succeed? It’s their passion for the company’s mission. The opportunity to be part of something great. And it’s one other important thing.

Their paycheck.

National Payroll Week is our opportunity to celebrate the nation’s employees and the professionals who ensure the force behind the U.S. economy gets paid.

Why Payroll Matters to TriNet

Payroll matters because, as much as your employees may love your company and the work they do, they probably also love having food, shelter, soccer lessons for their kids and the occasional nonfat soy latte with extra foam.

This is why TriNet values our team of payroll professionals, as well as our clients’ payroll administrators, whom we team up with to process payroll.

Why Payroll Matters to SMBs

Whether payroll services are processed in-house or as part of a full-service HR solution like TriNet, payroll administrators provide SMBs and their teams with the following to help them succeed:

• Time back so they can focus on strategic planning and executing on their core business goals and objectives.

• Help staying in compliance with varying federal, state and local employment regulations.

• The ability to provide your employees with compensation for the work they do. This is especially true for TriNet clients who receive payroll services as part of an HR solution that includes access to benefit options, HR expertise, risk mitigation and a technology platform.

TriNet’s payroll team calculates gross and net pay, tax withholdings, wage garnishments and other common employer payroll tasks, allowing our customers to focus on what matters most—growing their business.

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By Adele Leonard

Vice President Payroll & Core Delivery, TriNet

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