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Discover HR solutions that scale with your business. Navigate the complexities of your company's growth with strategic support, comprehensive services and HR expertise. From payroll processing to risk mitigation, grow with confidence.

HR that understands complexity
You’re past the startup phase and are moving into growth mode, expanding your reach, payroll processing—and complexity. We’re here to provide the HR insights and tools you need for success.
Grow seamlessly with scalable HR
Adapt to your expanding needs with our flexible HR solutions, ensuring smooth transitions and efficient growth.
Attract talent with top-tier benefits
Offer access to competitive benefits and robust HR platforms to help retain high-caliber professionals and enhance your team's strength.

Proven solutions for HR challenges

As your company progresses, our HR solutions evolve with you. From simplifying payroll processing to navigating new HR compliance, we’re your provider in supporting the complexities of a growing workforce.
days per year is the average time business owners spend managing payroll*
Streamline your payroll processing as you grow
Your business is expanding—and so is your time spent managing payroll. We simplify the process, adeptly handling various compensation types, bonuses and deductions. Streamline your payroll operations and ensure accuracy and efficiency as your team size increases.
of HR managers lack time to meet HR compliance challenges*
Navigate HR compliance challenges with confidence
Many HR managers struggle with HR compliance challenges as their company scales, especially when entering new markets or launching new products. Our compliance experts equip your business with the guidance to confidently tackle these challenges. We help you stay ahead of employment rules and requirements, providing peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your core business activities.
is the potential improvement in retention that can be seen by introducing effective onboarding processes*
Enhance onboarding, boost retention
Effective hiring is crucial for mid-growth businesses. Our tailored onboarding solutions helps to ensure a smooth transition for new employees, fostering a positive work environment and contributing to long-term success.
or about two-thirds of employers believe that offering a flexible and customizable benefits package that provides customization and flexibility will play a critical role in their value proposition*
Customize benefits to attract top talent
Our access to a wide range of benefits supports a diverse and evolving workforce, ensuring that your benefits package stands out. By offering access to comprehensive benefits, you can attract and retain the talent that will drive your business forward.
days per year is the average time business owners spend managing payroll*
"So many of the things that as a smaller nonprofit we couldn't have afforded to provide, TriNet did for us. TriNet has helped us grow from two employees to over 250, and they will help us double that number and double our impact as we go into the future."
Whitney Loy, CEO, McCarton Foundation

Resource​​​​s for Scaling Businesses

Explore our curated resources— tailored for businesses like yours—on everything from tackling HR complexities to optimizing benefits.

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