We’ve crunched the numbers. The data suggests TriNet’s HR Plus is right for you.

TriNet’s HR Plus solution is a cost-effective, hands-off approach to HR and payroll duties. Tap into our team of dedicated HR professionals to offload administrative tasks, reduce risk of non-compliance with labor regulations, gain organizational efficiencies, and scale HR as your business grows. Read on to see if you agree with the data.

HR Plus Includes:


Calculate federal & state payroll taxes
Worker’s comp

Management of workers comp payroll reporting 
Legal representation

Representation of organization in unemployment claims
Workforce & document management

Manage employee onboarding and off boarding
Compliance management

Maintains good standing with all federal, state and local laws
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Per year savings
The average annual salary for an HR manager is $130,000. For a 50 employee company, this cost would be $36,000 with outsourced services. *

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2022 (source)
5 hours
Get 5 hours per pay period back in your day when you outsource payroll processing. *

*Average time it takes to run payroll, Bloomberg Tax, Jan 2020 (source)
Of companies outsource at least one HR function, and 77% of HR leaders say HR outsourcing makes payroll more accurate and efficient. *

* HZipDo, 2023 (source)

Need a business case to outsource your HR?

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What exactly is HR Plus?

With TriNet’s HR Plus solution, you get a full HR technology platform plus access to HR administrative personnel who help run your day-to-day HR operations. With HR Plus, our customers get administrative support on payroll, benefits, compliance, and more.

What is the difference between TriNet HR Plus and TriNet PEO?

The big difference between these two options is who becomes the employer of record for the company. With HR Plus, TriNet customers remain the employer of record, owning their payroll tax accounts, benefits packages, and flexibility to make decisions as needed for the ebbs and flows of their business. With a PEO, TriNet becomes the employer or record, as the customer enters into a co-employment relationship. This can provide benefits to customers as they could explore large company access to benefits, and are no longer the fiduciary.

Does HR Plus come with a technology platform?

Yes! Because HR Plus requires the purchase of an HR Platform base plan — Essential, Growth, or Zen — you’ll have an HR technology platform and app for your admin or employees.

Would I have a dedicated point of contact, “teammate” when I purchase HR Plus?

Yes! Based on the HR Plus level of service that is purchased, you will be connected with a dedicated point of contact who serves as your primary HR Plus contact and will be primary liaison between additional services teammates who specialize in certain areas of HR, compliance, or payroll administration. Customers purchasing an outsourced audit will not have a dedicated point of contact.

What is the process for HR Plus implementation?

When you subscribe to HR Plus, there will be an assigned dedicated Implementation Manager (IM) who will complete the HR Plus onboarding. Your IM will then arrange the introduction of your HR Plus dedicated team at strategic points in the process.

How is your HR Manager assigned?

We take into consideration your location, industry and team dynamics to assign a TriNet HR Manager that will best support your needs.

How often would I, or my HR admin, connect with the TriNet HR Plus team?

Each company has unique needs depending on the size of internal staff and reasons for subscribing HR Plus. There will be minimum touch bases, and the cadence will be defined best suited for your company in our initial introductions.

Is payroll tax administration included with HR Plus?

Payroll tax filings and remitting payroll taxes for payroll processed on the HR Platform through TriNet Payroll is included in HR Plus. There is also help with payroll tax amendments, corrections and or retro filings related to payroll tax compliance clean-up work!

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