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A flexible HR solution to foster your team’s creative DNA

A flexible HR solution to foster your team’s creative DNA

Few industries must continually transform and innovate more than yours. The rapid evolution in technology and content development combined with the need to retain top-notch talent means that if you are standing still, you’re falling behind.

We know the challenges that come with fostering a creative yet healthy work environment. TriNet gives you a single HR solution that combines our industry expertise with a powerful platform to help streamline administrative tasks such as payroll processing and benefits—freeing you to focus on an exceptional experience for your audience and your employees.

Mitigate risk while your relaxed company culture thrives

Mitigate risk while your relaxed company culture thrives

Shielding your business from liability and unnecessary expense is critical to your stability and reputation. TriNet can help you protect your employees, your business and your bottom line with HR best practices guidance, employment compliance counseling, worksite safety assessments, sexual harassment training and more. Whether it’s a simple question or a sensitive employee issue, a team of experts will help you tackle your HR responsibilities and stay on top of evolving employment requirements.


people are employed in the media and entertainment industry1

1U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2021

is the percentage of media and entertainment jobs that are located in five states (CA, NY, TX, FL, IL)2

2U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2020
Spend more time where it counts

Spend more time where it counts

When you’re developing dynamic projects on tight deadlines, time-consuming administrative tasks get moved to the back burner. But managing your talent and running your business shouldn’t be a balancing act. TriNet is here with technology to help you manage payroll for your full-time and part-time employees in addition to benefits and administrative duties, so you’ll spend less time on HR and more time making moments of magic. Plus, our online self-service tools make it easy for your team to manage TriNet-sponsored benefits, view pay and update personnel information.

Quality benefit options for every employee

Quality benefit options for every employee

We offer access to premium-level benefits to help you attract and retain great people. These comprehensive and cost-effective benefits extend beyond medical to include dental, vision, life, disability, retirement, commuter and a wide range of voluntary benefits. TriNet works with industry leaders in each benefit category so you can leverage TriNet to provide access to a compelling benefit offering that shows your people how valuable they are.


Customer success story

A unique media network’s HR needs became more complex as they grew, requiring significant bandwidth to keep up with changing payroll and employment requirements.

TriNet professionals and technology help with payroll compliance, access to benefits and many more employment responsibilities, alleviating distractions from managing the core business.

Secure and retain great people

Secure and retain great people

In creative environments, company culture can be a big differentiator in attracting top talent and inspiring creative work. Once you land these talented employees, you need an environment that makes them want to stay. That’s why we provide the right employee growth and retention tools to help you find candidates, boost performance, encourage your employee development, and access compensation benchmarks—so you can build your dream team. With TriNet, you get HR expertise and technology to help develop an innovative and forward-thinking culture that fosters unbounded creativity.

Working together for you

A team of HR experts who look out for your business
Administrative help with managing payroll and benefits
HR best practices guidance on complex and sensitive issues
Workers’ compensation insurance
Risk mitigation services to help prevent employer liability, such as workplace lawsuits
Employee Support Center offering professional help with common HR questions
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