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20-99 Employees


Santa Ana, CA

A leading U.S. audio company wanted to create headphones, not an HR department.

Outsourcing their HR to TriNet helped alleviate Audeze’s HR concerns and allowed them to pursue creating the best possible audio experience.

Our goal is to create the best audio experience that you can get. Almost 99.5% of the headphones that you see use cone speakers. We use a different type of speaker called planar speakers. These are very thin film speakers in a magnetic field. Our main categories of audiophiles are sound engineers. We go all the way from making our own film, to assembling it here, to testing it. Every single headphone that we make, as we innovate and create new products, our market share is increasing. The number of products we ship is increasing and by end of this year, we are probably the biggest speaker manufacturer in the U.S. at this point.

So in the initial days, we tried to create an HR department and then we had a different company for payroll, a different company for benefits and Kaiser and all that stuff was getting very difficult to manage. We are an audio company. Our core competency’s engineering. We want to offload all the HR functions and stuff so we don't have to worry about those things.

The best thing about TriNet is the ease of use, payroll, sick leave, vacation time, even our 401k. It's a very easy platform to use. It also is very easy for our employees to use, whether they need a pay stub or whether they need to check how much remaining time off they can take. Having benefits managed by TriNet is very helpful. Whatever the problem is, you can get in touch with an HR specialist who has competency in that area and you can actually get information. Our market share is increasing. The number of products we ship is increasing to do those things. We need more people. TriNet is going to help us handle all those things seamlessly.
The best thing about TriNet is the ease of use…It's a very easy platform to use."
Enabling audio experts to pursue the best possible experience and maufacturing growth.

Audeze is a leading high-end audio manufacturer based in California. They focus on manufacturing headphones that deliver the most accurate sound reproduction possible. Their facility in Santa Ana includes both offices and their factory—where all Audeze headphones are manufactured. With a goal of being the largest speaker manufacturer in the U.S., Audeze can’t afford to spend much time on the many aspects of HR. They are pleased to have TriNet as their single source solution for payroll (including PTO) and access to benefits (including their 401(k). They also appreciate how easy it is for them and their employees to work with the TriNet platform.

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