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An award-winning web development and advisory firm needed an easy-to-use tech solution that could modernize and streamline their manual approach to HR management for a talented, cross-country team.

TriNet HR Platform offered the foundation and capabilities that Paragon Consulting needed to centralize and simplify their HR management, so they can maintain HR compliance and a competitive edge. 

As a business, we make people’s lives easier with technology. So, it’s very important for new hires to see that we have the tools and resources that do what we do. With TriNet HR Platform, we make a great impression from the beginning with 10-minute onboarding."

Optimizing digital customer experiences

Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, Paragon Consulting provides organizations with web design, technology and consulting services to create the engaging digital experiences their clients need. Since its founding in 1993, the Paragon team has worked with leading and new companies in healthcare, finance, manufacturing and more to provide human-centered design, development, and insights for a variety of businesses.

Finding technology that meets their standards

With a growing team that spanned the country, Paragon Consulting needed a cost-effective solution that could support their team’s needs and streamline their people management processes, all in one place. TriNet HR Platform provides them with an easy-to-use tool for all their HR needs, including administrative tasks, hiring and onboarding employees, enrolling employees in benefits, managing employee information and beyond. Dawn Palciscko, Chief Human Relations Officer, notes that “it was radically simpler than any HRIS system I’d used at much larger, global firms...the tool has proven itself.”

Paragon also enjoys having access to the resources they need to stay on top of compliance for a multi-state team, without requiring significant hours of extra work. And, as a technology company focused on customer experience, Paragon appreciates the ease of use and user experience that the platform offers their team.

Helps to ensure HR compliance

Compliance with employment rules and requirements is key for any HR Department. Dawn says that the TriNet HR Platform takes much of the leg work out of the day-to-day duties with the Compliance Assistant, which helps with staying up to date on things like I-9, ACA and helps to generate summary plan descriptions and more. And she taps into the TriNet HR Platform HR Library to track HR rules by state.

"TriNet HR Platform stays up to date on compliance, so I don’t have to. It is a great benefit” notes Dawn.

Increasing efficiencies and value

Dawn estimates that she’s freed up almost 25% of her time per year. For example, in onboarding alone, Dawn estimates saving about 7 hours per hire—that’s a little over 2 weeks of time last year alone. Moving from multiple spreadsheets for HR management to one centralized system saves almost 2 months of time a year. And the onerous job of ensuring compliance, especially staying on top of multiple-state changes, no longer takes 50 hours.

With TriNet HR Platform taking on the administrative overhead, Dawn has more time to lead strategic initiatives. One such strategic change helped to distribute management responsibility for Paragon’s team of developers. As a result, it removed bottlenecks in performance reviews, streamlined workflow and communications, and provided career growth and opportunity across that organization. Paragon relies on the platform to help streamline their workflows and communications, so they can focus on their people and their clients.

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